World Traveling Tales Nominated for a Liebster Award



Liebster Definition – dear, darling; beloved, liked very much; affectionate, loving, favourite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others

On top of what has already been an awesome year traveling the world and getting featured in Mens Health I also got nominated for a Liebster award for my blog World Traveling Tales. I started blogging in December last year but didn’t really start taking it seriously until much later so have only been consistently writing for the past 6 months so really happy that people out there enjoy them.

I would like to thank Juliana from Well Beyond Travel for nominating me this year it is an honour. Juliana is a travel blogger from Brazil who started traveling in 2008, she has a husband and dogs but still finds the time to follow her passion and make traveling her life. Take a look at her awesome blog, its well worth a read.

So the Liebster Award…

The Liebster Award was created in 2011 to encourage bloggers to promote new and emerging blogs.

If you are nominated to receive this award and you accept you must write a post following the below rules:

  • Post about the award on your blog;
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog;
  • Answer their questions about yourself, feel free to add photos;
  • Nominate 5 – 10 people with less than 1000 followers, inform them via social media.
  • Write your own set of questions for your nominees.
  • Feel good about yourself for winning an award and passing it on.

My Answers to Julianas Questions

1. Why did you decide to become a travel blogger?

Both my parents travelled when they were younger and I think it was in my blood. I had always wanted to travel ever since I was in school, unfortunately when I left school I didn’t have the money and had to get a full time job. 10 years later I was still working in and office and was not happy with how my life was panning out. After an unexpected random road trip from the UK to Rome I decided to quit my job and start traveling pretty much full time. I started my blog shortly after leaving the UK, first with written posts and then with Vlogs as well. Initially I started it as a way to remember what I have done when I am old and grey but I also love the thought that it may inspire other people to do the same. I didn’t have much money when I started traveling so sold everything I owned and moved out of my apartment to make it happen. If just one person read my blog and decided to do the same I would be very happy.

2. If you could move to any place you have visited, where would it be and why?

Probably the West coast of Australia, somewhere between Exmouth and Perth. Before going I really wasn’t bothered about traveling around Australia, as it’s quite a developed country it didn’t really interest me. We ended up going there to do a little work after traveling Asia. We bought a Jeep and spent the next 7 months circumnavigating the whole country and I fell in love with the place. I find the West coast to be more exciting and diverse than the East. It is a lot less developed and the coastline, especially around the Ningaloo Reef is unbelievable.

3. Do you blog for fun or do you want to make something out blogging?

At the moment I blog for fun, I don’t get any financial reward from it but I love writing and filming what my girlfriend and I get up to. Being able to reflect on what I have done helps me to stay focused and think about where I was just over a year ago and where I am today.

4. Name 3 places from your bucket list.

Nepal, Alaska and the Maldives.

I am actually traveling to Nepal in a few weeks with a friend so that one should be ticked off the list pretty soon and Zoe, my girlfriend and I are traveling to Canada next year so I am hoping to take a trip up to Alaska. Maybe one day I will get to travel to the Maldives, I am planning on doing a Dive Master course so I can get some work whilst we travel so maybe that will be able to take me there one day!

5. Do you investigate some culturally related stuff before traveling? (like traditions, taboos, religious festivities, etc.)

When I first started traveling I didn’t. I would only investigate places to go and maybe dress code for certain things like temples , etc. Nowadays I try and learn a little about the culture before going their like the do’s and don’ts and the mannerisms of different countries. More and more you are seeing travellers on the news that are getting into trouble for not obeying local customs.

6. And what about the language? Do you prepare or learn some sentences? (why/why not?)

I do try and learn some phrases that will help me get by in different countries more so out of respect than anything. The issue I have found is that a lot of people in the countries I have travelled learn to speak english from a young age and so when I try and speak their language they start speaking english to me so I don’t get the chance to practice. Even so I still try and say basic things like please and thank you in the native language. Whilst living in Italy I did try learning some Italian but every time I tried speaking it in public people would just reply in english….They probably noticed I was butchering their language.

7. Where do you see yourself living in ten years?

Honestly I don’t have a clue. I kind of use traveling to see where I would like to end up. I LOVE the ocean so would love to live somewhere warm by the sea so I could dive and surf

8. What’s the best food you’ve ever eaten, and where did you eat it?

Bun Cha in Vietnam. It doesn’t look that appealing but it is really good!! I was recommended it by a local who work at the hotel we were staying at so we went to a local Bun Cha restaurant and I would happily eat it multiple times a week. Finish that off with a Vietnamese egg coffee and it’s an awesome meal.

9. What’s the most incredible thing you’ve done while travelling?

There are so many to choose from. Swimming with Whale sharks was amazing and something I will never forget. It was a prearranged tour which I am not usually a fan off but in this trip we spent around an hour and a half in the water with three different sharks and whilst waiting for the boat a Minke Whale swam right under our feet. We also saw Humpback whales and spinner sharks breaching. Pair this with spending the day sailing around on a catamaran and it was a hard day to beat.

Also in Ho Chi Min City Zoe and I were sitting in a park try to recover from the hot weather and about 15 young Vietnamese students came up and asked if they could talk to us to practice their english. We sat there for about an hour helping them and learning about their culture and way of life. It was completely random but such an awesome experience. They were so friendly and polite and just wanted to learn about us. Was such a good evening.

10. Apart from travelling (and blogging about it), what is your biggest passion?

Photography. This is a relatively new passion for me as I travelled for the first three months without a camera and just used my phone. The more I travelled the more I want to take pictures so bought a proper Nikon camera in Sydney last January. Since then I have taken thousands of photos and spent countless hours learning post processing. I have also recently moved into to making vlogs and videos to capture my time away.

11. What’s your next destination?

My next destination is India and Nepal. I leave on the 14th November and meeting a couple of friends in Delhi before spending a week or two going round India. I am then going to Nepal for a few weeks and hoping to trek to Everest base camp.

My nominees for this years Liebster award are…..

1.Travel Gourmand –  Allison is Chinese and living in Seattle. She loves food and loves to travel. Her blog is about that aspect of the destination and recipes to reproduce the dishes she has had during her trip. She started her blog as a repository of sunny days and positive energy, because it rains a lot where she is in Seattle

2. Journey with Jonny – I started my blog because I wanted somewhere to document all my travel mishaps – such as getting myself stranded in Barcelona. Like James, I have nowhere in particular I plan to go, I just want to get out of dreary England and go with the flow – I am one of these people that makes plans and find it practically impossible to stick to them! I spend most of my travelling hungover, and my dream destination is the Philippines – because the spirits are cheaper than the mixers, sounds like heaven to me! I hope to inspire people to travel, and prove that its definitely possible for someone with no common sense to travel the world

3. ZomaniaTravel – Yes Zoe is my girlfriend but also a fellow travel blogger and a good one at that! Although the majority of our travels are together she has a different perspective on where we go and what we get up to.  Zoe’s blog was originally just for herself to look back on and reminisce on her time traveling. She quit her job and left the UK in December 2015 and her family and friends enjoyed reading her posts as it helped them to keep up with her adventures and where she was in the world. Zoe posts about various topics including how she finds it best to travel certain countries, her experiences, and there are a few lifestyle posts too. Zoe even includes a few rants and things she’d like to get off her chest and write down

4. Sarahs Wanderland – Sarah quit her full time job as a physio and is traveling on a very flexible and constantly changing itinerary. Her plan is too stay on the road as long as possible and just learn something new. Her blog is about active travel, sports, outdoor activities and essentially everything movement related.  It’s about slow, mindful travel, spending more than one day in a destination rather than racing by to take great pictures. It is about people, moments, sustainable living and kindness. And most of all about human interactions and learning. Oh and apparently she likes coffee!

5. AllSkeletonsNoClosets – From reading jades posts and her about me section she seems like a bit of a joker. Her blog is about big rants about things that have nothing to do with travel, about how she eats a lot of shit, about films. She also doodles. Her writing expertise come from a Julia roberts film based in Italy and reading a few travel books so its safe to say she knows her stuff! Take a read, it will make you laugh!!

So now for the above to answer my questions…. GO

1. What made you decide to travel?

2. Why did you decide to become a travel blogger?

3. Do you think travellers/backpackers have a duty to do their part for the environment?

4. How do you cope with being away from family/friends whilst traveling?

5. What’s the most incredible thing you’ve done while travelling?

6. Is there anything you have seen or experienced whilst traveling that you haven’t liked?

7. What are your aspirations?

8. What places have you been to that you would recommend to someone that is just starting their travels?

9. Is there anywhere that you don’t want to go? Why?

10. What do you think is best, solo travel or traveling with others?

11. What’s your next destination?


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